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Hi, I’m a storyteller.

As director I tell fictional and non-fictional stories for channels and companys. 
As developer I help channels and companys to find their story and to give it a unique shape. And sure i do develop my stories.

I started my career in the famous Goethe Theater in Bremen as a young actor, do play classical guitar quite well and have experience not only in editing but in complex videoevent settings.
I attended script writing courses in Berlin, Vancouver (Canada) & Bolzano (Italy) - which ended up with doing courses in highschools and instituts for professionals.

Though I’m primary a filmmaker, I do love to choose the tools of storytelling in the vast possibilities of nowadays multimedia. Each story needs it’s own media to be told properly.

Just call me .. I have a story for you ;-)

︎ +49 173 6067078
︎ mail[at]

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.. and if the world is mean, I sit down on my guitar and tell stories based only on sounds.