As filmdirector, the most of my stories are told as a film. But evolving and very interesting are events with a mindset of being also a story to be experienced. Nowadays new media bring new tools to get the audience deeper into the story - or even let them be part of it.

Corporate Multimedia

Title Sonepar InnovationLab
Client Sonepar Deutschland 

Realising a film in 8640*1920 pixels on 8 uprightscreens + an LED roof, brings not only technical issues but also a tight budget frame for the story.  
First priority was a great appearance and a solid sounddesign. Which in the end blasted everyones ears out of the truck ;-)Finding the right placeholder for modern-world-innovations was fun in the scriptwriting. The Truck is running through Germany/ Austria/ France & GB which is very nice if you count all the viewers. And each stands like one meter infront of a 8 meter screen ;-)