As filmdirector, the most of my stories are told as a film. But evolving and very interesting are events with a mindset of being also a story to be experienced. Nowadays new media bring new tools to get the audience deeper into the story - or even let them be part of it.

Corporate Movie

SAL Heavylift 

This film is lyrical approach to falling. "How is it if you are just a worker in a big company - and you have no rights?!" You're waiting for yourself to crash. The whole film is made with original members of the IGMetall Jugend. Shot in Hamburg with the great support of the trampoline world master XXX. You won't find him in the film - but he was responsible for the aesthetic flying performances. What I like the most in this film is the sound design - because I only used strange noises coming from vacuum cleaner or similar and they match perfectly to the dramaturgy.